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SP 4449 News and Recent Events

December 2019

Here is a video of the SP 4449 pulling the 2019 Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation's annual Holiday Express. Holiday Express runs each year on weekends between Christmas and New Years departing from Oaks Amusement Park in Portland.

August 2019

This video was taken during a recent trip for Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation members along the Oregon Pacific Railroad between the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

December 2018 - SP 4449 Pulls the 2018 ORHF Holiday Express

October 2018 - Lerro Productions Photo Charter

On October 22, 2018 Lerro Productions chartered the SP 4449 for the day. Lerro Productions organizes railroad photo shoots at railroads across the country. The SP&S 700 was involved in a similar photo shoot back in 2014.
Photo by Kevin Gilliam

Photo by Kevin Gilliam
The SP 4449 doing a run past photographers in the yard next to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland
Antique props and actors in WWII period uniforms were also on hand to recreate what it would have looked like in the time period that the SP 4449 was in service.
Photo by Kevin Gilliam

Photo by Kevin Gilliam
Doyle McCormack poses in front of the SP 4449. Doyle has been with the 49 for over four decades leading the team to move it out of static display at Oaks Park and restoring the engine to operating condition, being the lead engineer as it toured the country in 1975-1976 pulling the Freedom Train, through today where it is maintained by the Friends of SP 4449 at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland.
A scale model of the SP 4449 was also on display with the real item in the background.
Photo by Kevin Gilliam

Photo by Kevin Gilliam
The photo shoot continued after dark with the Daylight under lights.

December 2017 - Putting the SP 4449 away after another sucessful
ORHF Holiday Express

The SP 4449 pulled the annual ORHF Holiday Express again this year. Everyone enjoys seeing the train run but there is
a lot of work that goes on before and after the event to make this happen.
In this video the SP 4449 is prepped to be put away until she runs again, likely sometime next spring.
The locomotive was first fired up to around 100psi,
steam valves are removed,
most of the hot water is blown down to remove sediments from the boiler,
the throttle is opened and the remaining steam goes out through the steam valves to flush the throttle and super heaters,
the locomotive is pressurized with air and the throttle is opened again several times to blow out any remaining water,
appliances such as dynamos and air pumps are also run on compressed air to remove water.

June 2017 - SP 4449 Excursion to Bend

The SP 4449 made an excursion From Portland, Oregon to Bend Oregon on June 24th returning to Portland
on June 25th. The weather was exceptionally warm that weekend but the sky was clear and the scenery
was beautiful.
Below are 3 videos from the trip. The first video is from the first day - Portland to Bend.

Next is the first of 2 videos from the second day - Bend to Portland. This video is taken from the train and
covers the beautiful scenery along the Deschutes River Canyon

Finally, the second of 2 videos from the second day - Bend to Portland. This video is taken from the cab of
the SP 4449 as it travels through the Columbia Gorge and back to Portland

November/December 2016 - ORHF Holiday Express

The SP 4449 pulled the annual ORHF Holiday Express again this year. The event was held for 4 weekends
between Thanksgiving and Christmas. All tickets for the entire event were sold out by the 2nd week so plan
early for 2017. Tickets for next year's event should go on sale in October 2017.

September 2016 - American Freedom Train 40th Anniversary

The 40th anniversary reunion of the American Freedom Train was held at the Oregon Rail Heritage
Center in September. Participants were treated to a ride on the SP4449 from ORHC to Oaks Park
where the SP4449 was on static display prior to being restored to tour the country in 1975-1976
as the American Freedom Train.

July-August 2016 - Tender Brakes

The SP4449 tender has a complex set of linkages to apply the breaks. Over time the pins and bushings have worn creating excess play.
The linkages were removed and new pins and bushings were fabricated.
Brake beams were removed and straightened when necessary.
Much of the work was done in the pit under the tender.
When installed, the break linkages have far less play.

June 2016 - Rods Removed

The rods were removed on the engineer's side to check bushing clearances. Watch the video below to see how it was done.

May 2016 - National Train Day

Portland's Train Day 2016 was held on May 12 at the ORHF museum.
Despite the weather over 4 thousand guests passed through that day.
Train Day included a variety of train related exhibits.
The SP 4449 was fired up and on display for the event.
Friends of SP 4449 Inc. - P.O.Box #42486 - Portland, OR 97242